Red Bird Album Release


10/15/2018 7:00 PM

Door Time: 6:00 PM

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Bre Gregg has had the pleasure of enjoying several sold-out shows on the Lake Theater stage with her musical collaboration called The Trifecta with Lisa Mann and Mary Kadderly. Now, she is sharing her new band, Red Bird, and their first album with us!

Bre has been a regular on the Portland music scene for years, but her interest in many genres may well have confused you. Though she has performed blues, soul, jazz, roots and Americana, her signature powerhouse vocals that are both technically superb as well as raw and uncontained are what she is best known for. But now, after years of searching, she has found her own sound…and it’s good.

Red Bird is a partnership between Bre and incredible guitar player, Dan Gildea. Bre and Dan write the music, which features vocals and guitar, delivering a myriad of different genres in one funky, beautiful and soul-filled package. Sounding a bit like if Bonnie Raitt, Joss Stone and Tom Waits decided to write together, they deliver a rich pallet of emotion and sound. Backed by groove masters, Jeff Langston on bass and Charlie Doggett on drums, they create a sound you can’t help but feel.

This show will feature their first recording called All My Love, and will be the first time they are releasing this body of work to the public. Join us for this very special night of outstanding music and storytelling.

What people are saying about Red Bird:

“I loved hearing Red Bird play…the band is killer and Bre’s vocals are insane!” - Ashley Kervabon, #WomenCrushMusic

“Bre Gregg is a powerful lead vocalist with a gift for phrasing and a deep feeling she is communicating right from the soul.” - Robert Richter, Host of Local Roots KMUZ FM

“Bre Gregg and Dan Gildea’s original music and Bre’s signature vocals combine with Dan’s mind-bending lead guitar features create music you’ll not soon forget. From the moment they take the stage, you are transported to a Chicago blues club and you are hearing that music hit your ears.” - Bill Svendsen, Peninsula Art Center

“She is bluesy, plaintive, sassy and fun! Bre Gregg and the talented gents that form Red Bird will leave you wanting more at night’s end.” - Teri Briggs, Portland Radio Project

Tickets available online until 4 pm day of the show.