December 14 - December 27

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


12/18/2017 6:30 PM

Door Time: 6:00 PM

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Here’s how online ticket sales work...

#1.) You buy your tickets—either as a matinee for the 2 daytime shows, or for the 2 nighttime shows, choosing Adult for most of you but Senior & Kid tickets for those 65 and over or 12 and under. You don’t need to print anything, just make sure you click through to the confirmation page.

#2.) The day of the show, you check in with the cashier by telling them your name. If there’s a long line, still wait in it, once we have the theater clean after each show we’ll have the staff go through the line checking people in for those not wanting to buy concessions, food, or drink.

And that’s it. Oh, and one more pointer: each showing will be seating approximately 30 minutes before showtime. If you arrive earlier than this, you’ll be lining up outside the auditorium. But we’re also a small place, and will likely sell out shows over its first two weekends, so if you want your choice of seats, we recommend showing up at least 30 minutes ahead of time, particularly for larger groups. In other words, having a ticket guarantees you a seat, but it does not guarantee you a particular seat, nor seats together.

Online ticket sales end for each day at 11am the day of the show. Sorry, but our in-house system isn’t tied to this online system, so numbers must be updated manually and this is the only way to prevent ourselves from overselling a show.

Also worth noting: Star Wars isn’t going to be sold out for weeks on end. We expect the 3:15 and 6:30 shows to sell out on the weekends, but other than that, it’ll likely merely be busy through Christmas and pretty much dead past New Years. So if it’s Tuesday the 19th and you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “Nah, I can’t see Star Wars today, I’m sure it’s already sold out,” we’re here telling you, “No, it’s probably not, otherwise we would have deleted this part of the online listing.” And once shows stop selling out, we’ll turn off online sales (indeed, this is why tickets are not offered online past the 27th).

Our screens may be a little small compared to the big theaters, but we play our movies at a decently loud volume and our pizzas are delicious and our tap list is rad. Whether you live just down the street or are coming from across Portland, we’d love to have you here for this newest chapter of the Star Wars saga. And yes, Merry Christmas and all of that.