Lisa Mann live filming “Musicians Rise Up” protest song series


Join Lisa Mann & Her Really Good Band as they film original songs for filmmaker Robert Parish's Musicians Rise Up series.
Feeling a need to do and create, Robert Parish has initiated a new film series "of live performances to heal and inspire a confused and angry nation." Artists that have contributed "songs of great social and political import" (as Janis Joplin put it) include Ellen Whyte, Norman Sylvester, The Whiskey Darlings, Rob Rainwater and more. On June 5th, Robert will film Lisa Mann's contribution to his series at the Lake Theatre, and the public is invited! It will be just like any other live show, except two songs will be performed twice, to ensure a good take is captured on film. Final video will be posted on Robert's Facebook group page, Musicians Rising Up, to be broadcasted to audiences around the world.
Robert Parish explains:
"Primarily, I make my living as a filmmaker. I own two broadcast quality digital HD cameras, audio gear and lights. I know how to use my equipment. I also edit and and am an expert when it comes to uploading. I know dozens of Portland-area musicians who have, because of current events, become as activated as I am. And, they are motivated, as I am, to share their perspectives about love, compassion, prejudice, understanding and politics. On my personal page (and elsewhere), once or twice a week, I’m going to post a video featuring a performance by someone who shares my concerns about…well, you know.
So far, every PDX musician I’ve connected with has been willing to rise up and sing for the cause (for free!) in front of my cameras. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, we called this type of music “a protest song.” The soundtrack from that era helped us endure and take action during a very troubling time in our history. You remember or have read about Vietnam, Nixon, Watergate. I was a network broadcast journalist during that era, and in my mind, what’s taking place today at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is way more dangerous.
Here’s hoping this effort will provide information, inspiration and action…

Thanks for watching.

Tickets available online until 4 pm day of the show.


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