March 13




03/13/2017 7:00 PM

Door Time: 6:00 PM

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3hattrio (three hat trio) plays American Desert Music. Their aim is to create a new music which responds to the natural world of their sacred homeland near Zion National Park in southern Utah. They also strive to acknowledge the cultural traditions of generations of people who have worked and lived on the deserts of the American southwest. The subject matter of the songs is often desert oriented, sometimes not. Mostly, they express the desert experientially from a daily-ness of watching light off distant mesas and hearing the way sound plays off sheer sandstone cliffs. Then they play music. They don’t over-think it. The music is specious, atmospheric, mirage-like, spiced with old-time cowboy, classical, jazz, and Caribbean overtones.

Hal Cannon plays banjo and guitar and looks like he just stepped out of Death Valley with a string of mules. He also writes songs and used to be a folklorist, radio producer and scholar of cowboy lore. Greg Istock plays acoustic bass and foot percussion. He has a Caribbean music background and looks like he’s been washed up on a beach with other sculpted chunks of driftwood. Eli Wrankle is a classically trained violinist and a student at Southern Utah University. He comes from a family of artists and joined the group when he was fifteen. Now twenty, he is the old soul of the group and has a hard time keeping a hat on over his unruly mane.

“A profundo Gregorian sagebrush chant.” Baxter Black, cowboy poet

“What really grabs me is the energy of the creative moment – It’s just really alive.” Martha Scanlan, singer-songwriter

“A musical insight into the mysteries of our vast American landscape." Van Dyke Parks- composer

“These guys are sonic pioneers." Tom Russell – singer/songwriter

Tickets available online until 4 pm day of the show.