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Rock Me Baby CD Release

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Rock Me Baby CD Release

“I first played with LaRhonda at a gospel set I was asked to put together for the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival in July, 1994. Our mutual friend, the late, great Janice Scroggins, who was the obvious pick to play piano and direct the music for that set, recommended LaRhonda as one of the vocalists. LaRhonda’s singing was incredible. But she said a grand total of two words to the audience: “Thank you” after she was done! Since then, LaRhonda’s singing has only gotten better, while she’s become a remarkably warm & confident performer. I feel she’s Portland’s best-kept secret, and I hope that, with the release of this CD, the secret will finally be out!
Re/ our recording process: once, when I was trying to nail down the form of a song at a rehearsal, trumpeter/educator Thara Memory said, "What--are you afraid something might HAPPEN?” He was talking about the downside of planning music out in advance--a loss of spontaneity, of potential "magic." LaRhonda and I believe that this under-appreciated tradeoff is the reason that most recordings nowadays sound so lifeless—that and the computerized way that they’re recorded. They may please the ear, but they lack that “healin’ feelin'": the mysterious something that gives the listener goosebumps. That’s a real shame since, as Janice Scroggins, used to say, “we’re in the healing business.”
For this recording—our first together—LaRhonda and I were mindful of not falling into that trap. We performed as we do at our live shows, leaving plenty of room for something to “happen"—and we think you’ll agree that it did! We hope you enjoy listening to this CD as much as we enjoyed recording it. That’s what it’s all about; as LaRhonda likes to say, "Music heals the player as well as the listener."

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Rock Me Baby CD Release

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